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At Spirit Leather, clothing for fashion-conscious motorcyclists is manufactured in addition to accessories for motorcycles. Why should not a belt, a cell phone case, a bracelet, or a wallet be as elaborate and handcrafted as a motorcycle seat?

We manufacture unique pieces from high quality leather. Even if your motorcycle has to stay outside, you take your good style everywhere.

Leather Belt

A leather belt not only holds the pants or the skirt, it is also an eye-catcher which reflects the taste of the owner. Whether plain or with a striking buckle. In any case, leather belts are durable, sturdy and join in on all adventures.


Just like the leather saddles, a leather bracelet can quickly become a personal statement thanks to a text of your choice, a punched logo and, of course, leather surface and color.

Wallets & Cover

In addition to the belts, wallets and smartphone cases are our most viewed accessories. So if you have even a little interest in an individual appearance or personal statement, you can start with wallet and mobile phone case.