Solo Seats

SPIRIT LEATHER saddles & pads are absolutely one of a kind items from the highest quality raw materials. From the first idea through to the finished work, each step is performed by hand.

Finest German made 3 - 6 mm Grain Veg Tanned Leather.

Forged Basis 2 - 2,5mm Steel-pan. Very rigid and sturdy with a kick up in the back to hold you on the seat. This provide a comfortable ride

A special foam gives the saddle the characteristic flat line of the SPIRIT LEATHER Collection.

Water-resistant finish in matte or glossy and Lastly a heavy duty nylon thread sewn by hand, connect both leather parts to a old days leather saddle.

Original SPIRIT LEATHER saddles are always hand-signed by the artist and available in 5 basic shapes in every color.

Available Sizes

Passenger Pads

SPIRIT LEATHER Passenger-Pads are very flexible and durable. Handcrafted from the finest materials, each pad can be adjusted individually on your Bike.

Screws or suction cups can be used for fixing .The 2mm Flexible Metal plate and a special foam, allows the pad to adjusted perfect on the fender. Water-resistant and sewn by hand, SPIRIT LEATHER pads are genuine hand signed originals.