Lobby, Workshop & Showroom

A visit to us begins at the roll-up door which hides the direct view of the lobby. There is a bar in the lobby where, on suitable occasions, one or two sips are served. Behind the lobby is the showroom
with rare and particularly eye-catching exhibits and countless drawings. The motorcycles of customers and of course our own customs are parked here. On the left side of the lobby you can see the workshop with the 2 vehicle lifts. Seats, bags and handles are mounted here if necessary. In addition, we screw here on our own projects.

Directly behind the workshop, the actual manufactory takes place. We are a small family business, handmade is our passion. Friends and family help in the production of new leather products. Special old and reliable tools as well as machines make traces of the products which testify that it is traditional handwork. No part will look like the other and will accompany and inspire the future owner for a long time, if there wa a proper treatment.