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Archiv: First Report about us

Report out of sight from Media Designer Frank Bick. Fotos and Text 2011.

In a rather unspectacular industrial district of meerbusch/Germany you'll find the workshop of Dimitrios Georgoulas. The entrance at the side of the building looks nice and tidy. Only a clients motorcycle out front the door would let you make a guess what's going on behind it.

Once you walk through this door you immediately check what this place is about. It's about handcrafted solo seats for customized bobbers and choppers. Even the lobby is filled up with the Flair of those handcrafted products. The "spirit" of the leather starts to immediately idolize the visitor.

The second purpose of the lobby is dedicated to hospitality. This is not a place where you have to take a number. Here you can make yourself at home and feel free to stay for a while. The meaning of hospitality to Dimitrios cannot deny his Greek roots.

The workshop -rather an atelier - Is a mix of a traditional workshop, an art exhibition in a museum and a dodgy bar in a Greek red light district, Which at this stage I have to recommend!

Once your eyes get accustomed to do dizzy light in the workshop, you will recognize two quite important personalities: jack Daniels and apollon. Im sure you know Jack, and Apollon is the Greek god of prophecy and art. The spiritual influence of those two gods Is absolutely recognizable In the finished products. Each product is one-of-a-kind and reflects the spirit of both, The artist as well as the owner. So a chat between those two becomes a sketch, which turns into a piece of leather, which soon becomes a finished product which is filled with the clients spirit, transformed by the artist, Jimi.

It usually takes about a week from the sketch to the finished product. During this time Jimi is dedicating all his workforce into the product, Mentally as well as practically. This energy is in every piece and you will recognize it immediately.

Those pieces of art are not created with any modern tools. The craftsmanship behind those products is very old and the tools remains the same like they used hundreds of years ago. Leather is a natural product and varies in shape and consistence. Jimi can recognize this by hand and can give each piece of leather it's unique treatment. Those seats are not produced, they are the outcome of an ritual act.

Everybody who is visiting Jimi in his atelier, his bar or workshop will walk out as a different person, You will leave infected by the spirit of the leather, Crawling for a piece of your own. But what should it express? What do I want to have on it? Who the f**k am I anyway???
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