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Space is living space. Refugium for body, mind and soul. Far beyond the function of a simple sales room, we present the spirit of our work, our artisan art, in the lobby, showroom and workshop. Already a visit to SPIRIT LEATHER is inspiration enough to change and develop your own presentation, a space of inspiration for all motorcyclists who want to change something at their vehicle.

The studio is the artist's place of retreat, here the ability and the urge to art, to drawing and painting are completely separated from the purpose.

Lobby, Workshop & Showroom

A visit to us begins at the roll-up door which hides the direct view of the lobby. There is a bar in the lobby where, on suitable occasions, one or two sips are served. Behind the lobby is the showroom


The studio serves the retreat and the reflection. An artist and artisan like Dimitrios must bring the wishes and ideas of others in shape and color most time of his creative period.


DI · GEORG stands for a special line of our collection. These belts, bags and other articles are real manufactory goods. In company with other artisans we create a unique piece.